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Home bound, 2019

Degree Show

This series is based on a personal interpretation of the domestic space based on my memories and experiences as a woman within the context I grew up. My research focuses primarily on the exploration and re-consideration of the domestic space as a gendered sphere, through the appropriation of domestic processes, objects and materials. 


The re-contextualisation of domestic processes, such as kneading of dough in order to produce dough sculptures, aims to help identify how and when such skills are acquired and developed, exploring the effect of domesticity on our relationship with materials, surfaces, textures and tools.


The processes used to formulate the work reflect the notions of repetitiveness and routine based on an interpretation of reproductive work, in an attempt to visualise involuntary hand-work sustaining domesticity.  This results in ambiguous sculptural objects with no functional or representational associations in order to emphasise the physicality and tangibility of the work, highlighting the processes and materials involved. 


The contrasting surfaces of handmade and readymade objects which originally come from the ’home,’ and their placement contribute to the creation of new relationships between them, encouraging a personal interpretation, engagement and reconsideration of their existence in relation to the domestic space.

Home bound is also highly informed by current sociological discussions, interpreting feminist struggles through social reproduction theory, placing the work underdone within the home to sustain labour power into a new theoretical framework.

Home bound, 2019, part of ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) Degree Show, Edinburgh, Scotland.

June 2019 

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