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Seeking Roots 

Group exhibition

Dough Fringe 2 belongs to a series of artworks dealing with the re-interpretation of the domestic space, based on my experiential understanding of it as a woman growing up in Cyprus. Relevant research focuses on traditional processes, objects and materials linked to the female presence within the home. The de-contextualisation of these methods develops more neutralised relationships with them, allowing critical consideration of the conditions in which skills are acquired, taught, and applied within the domestic space. The notions of repetitiveness and routine manifest within Dough Fringe 2, reflecting interpretations of reproductive work sustaining domesticity. The organic nature of the work, both in terms of aesthetics and materiality, embodies a range of intersecting histories within a contested space, mingling ideas of labour, time, personal ritual, and hand intuition.

Dough Fringe 2, 2020, part of group exhibition 'Seeking Roots,' at NiMAC (Nicosia Municipal Arts Center)

March - April 2021

Curator | Ioulita Toumazi


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