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Common Ground

Thekla Papadopoulou, Danae Patsalou, Despina Petridou


Common Ground is a contemporary art exhibition by three Cypriot visual artists: Thekla Papadopoulou, Danae Patsalou and Despina Petridou. The body of work presented is addressing issues and ideas surrounding the Cypriot landscape, where each artist presents the results of a personalised research and exploration around the subject.

The interpretation of space, place and land acts as the common ground onto which these three artists come together, to present individual and collaborative artworks that pose questions in regards to our relationship with our surroundings, and how this affects our existence and identity. In this context, (land)scape is construed as an experience; a means of memory and recollection, interconnection and exchange of commonalities, always providing a sense of belonging. The contested nature of the island’s land and sea places these natural entities at the core of this artistic interpretation, where each artist brings a piece of their own self, to be connected to the wider image of identity exploration, through the specificities of place.

The exhibition aims to shed light onto the different processes that make up the practice of each artist, combining various media and materials. The domestic interior and history of the Citizen’s House is to provide a sense of familiarity and intimacy to the viewers’ experience, as they navigate around the different rooms that make up this exhibition. The organic placement of the artworks, will take into consideration the specificities of the space, creating a natural, non-invasive visual narrative, unfolding from one room to another. Common Ground provides a neutral space for the collaboration and exchange of ideas between emerging and established Cypriot artists, while exploring aspects of site-specific experiences, memories and connections.


Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition Venue

The House of the Citizen, Nicosia, Cyprus

Supported by

Cyprus' House of Representatives

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