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Ripple Effect | Thekla Papadopoulou

The O Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus 

April 2021

Curator | Despina Petridou

Ripple Effect presents a series of abstract paintings by Thekla Papadopoulou, that work collectively to capture and present to the viewer the sea essence, through aesthetics, materiality, and display. This series of artworks presents a sequence of the artist’s thoughts and reactions towards a long withdraw from the sea, existing as a means of escape, providing a sense of freedom, calmness and rejuvenation for the artist. Deriving from the imposing of quarantine in Cyprus due to the effects of a pandemic, the sudden changes in the accessibility of surroundings and more specifically the absence of the sea, as a visual space and experience, sparked a ripple effect of vast emotions and personal reflections from the artist, translated within a visual narrative.



More information on the exhibition and artworks included can be found on the online version of the limited-edition exhibition catalogue:


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